The book that understands inheritance real estate (Shinya Uesaki et al.) – Gentosha

○This is a book in which Kabuki member Uesaki participated as one of the inherited real estate professionals!
 It is available on Amazon.

Thorough explanation by the best professional team!

"What should I do if I inherit my parents' house?"
"How can I avoid making a mistake with my inheritance tax planning?"
"What experts should I consult in the first place?"
This book will solve all your doubts about inheritance and real estate that you thought you would think about someday.

Chapter 1 Situation concerning Inheritance and real estate
Chapter 2 Knowing the basics of inherited real estate
Chapter 3 Knowing law and taxation of inherited real estate
Chapter 4 Knowing the professional business related to inherited real estate
Chapter 5 Knowing how to use inherited real estate
Chapter 6 Inheritance real estate Seven case studies
Chapter 7 How to choose a reliable inheritance real estate specialist

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