From parent to child, from master to apprentice
Kabuki, which has been passed down from generation to generation,
has evolved in various ways over the ages to become a world-class
traditional Japanese performing art.
Inheritance, which we handle,
has something in common with Kabuki.
“We offer a new form of inheritance in line
with the times to our clients who want to pass on their
property to their loved ones.”
This is our mission.

Comprehensive contact specialized in inheritance issues
That is how Kabuki Life Support our clients.

We guide our clients through the entire process from prenatal planning to inheritance tax filing, real estate processing, and registration procedures. We are also actively working on inheritance issues for overseas clients.


Inheritance tax application


Registration procedures


Handling of real estate


Inheritance for overseas



Strengths The strength of Kabuki Life Support is the multifaceted support provided by three members who have accumulated unique careers. Experts in various fields are available to help you deal with the multiple issues involved in inheritance, such as retirement funds, loans, taxes, insurance, real View All