Shinya Uesaki

Tax accountant with strong expertise in real estate management

Career History

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics, and joined Goldman Sachs Japan, Tokyo Branch. Engaged in the development of interest rate and foreign exchange based financial products.
Joined his family’s real estate company and worked mainly as an intermediary for foreigners purchasing income-producing real estate. While doing so, he also started his own real estate leasing business and investment and loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.
Joined Tokyo Star Bank. Engaged in lending to high net worth individuals.
Established Access Advisors Asia Pte. Mainly assists high net worth local individuals and Japanese companies to expand their business in Asia.
Registered as a licensed tax accountant. Provides consulting services focusing on real estate and inheritance.


■Certified Public Accountant (Japan/US/Singapore)
■Tax Accountant
■Certified Real Estate Appraiser
■CFP Level 1 Financial Planner

Masayuki Yoshioka

Financial Planner for senior

Career History

After graduating from Sophia University, Faculty of Law, he joined Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd. where he was mainly in charge of institutional investors such as public pension funds and regional financial institutions as a bond salesman.
Worked at Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Securities, and Shinsei Securities Co. and was in charge of public pension funds, public funds, major financial institutions (city banks, trust banks, life insurance, non-life insurance, agriculture and forestry financial institutions, etc.), and regional financial institutions as a bond sales representative and manager.
After working for an independent investment advisory company, joined Tokyo Star Bank, Ltd. In charge of reverse mortgage (real estate secured loan for seniors) alliance business. He also served as a lecturer at workshops for renovation companies, real estate brokerage firms, and financial planners. Later, he was in charge of the full repayment of reverse mortgages and other real estate-backed loan products at the Loan Support Department.
Joined Newbury Business Consulting, Inc. Worked as an executive consultant for a financial recruiting firm, he provides career change consulting services to people in their 20s to 50s.
ACCESS Tax Accountant and Real Estate Appraiser Office, Financial Planner, ACCESS Advisors, Inc. Executive advisor in the business of integrating tax, inheritance, real estate, and finance.


■Certified Real Estate Appraiser
■Life insurance solicitor, non-life insurance solicitor
■Financial Planner


Member of the Association of Hot Financial Managers (Financial Management Institute), Member of Research Institute for Environmental Finance (RIEF)

Yoshitaka Kobayashi

Former national tax specialist and money writer

Career History

After graduating from Seinan Gakuin University, Faculty of Commerce, he was employed by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau as a national tax specialist. Assigned to a tax office in Tokyo, he was involved in tax investigations of inheritance tax, gift tax, and income tax on real estate and securities transactions, as well as handling tax returns.
Assigned to the Welfare Division, General Affairs Department, Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Worked on health insurance and pension for employees.
Appointed as an asset tax officer at the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Conducted tax investigations of large-scale cases involving real estate and securities transactions.
Received an award from the Director of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau for his achievements in asset taxation.
Assigned to the Asset Taxation Division, Taxation Department I, Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. In the Assessment and Guidance Section, he assists with complex and difficult cases that arise within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Also, he received a reward from the Director General of the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau for his performance in asset taxation.
Appointed as a National Tax Examiner at the Tokyo Regional Tax Tribunal. Engaged in investigations and verifications related to national tax appeals cases.
Retired from the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Started his own business as a freelance writer. Wrote articles and books mainly in the money genre.
Established Y-MARK LLC. In addition to writing, conducts seminars at government and other public offices.


■”Excuse me, what is interest rate?” (Sanmark Publishing)
■”Excuse me, what is 2DK?” (Sanmark Publishing)
■”Which is more beneficial for tax returns (income, necessary expenses, and deductions)?” (Kawade Shobo Shinsha).