Illustrated Guide to Saving Money! All the tricks to save taxes (Yoshitaka Kobayashi) – Kizuna Publishing Co.

★★★The tax saving effect of more than 250,000 yen per year for a company employee with an annual income of 4 million yen! ★★★★★
★★★★Filled with illustrations and diagrams! The world's easiest-to-understand tax basics and all the tax-saving tricks!
★★★★★Tax professional" formerly with the National Tax Administration Bureau explains it all! ★★★

”No one tells you about taxes.”

・What is "year-end adjustment"?”
・Should I pay ”tax on hometown”? --
・Is it true that I can save a tax if I have life insurance? -- --
・Is it true that I can save a tax if I buy medicines at a pharmacy?――
・I heard that "side jobs" can be tax-detectable. --

Taxes are deeply related to our lives.
However, neither schools nor companies properly teach us about the system and how it works.

But if you remain ignorant of taxes, you will lose out on many things without even realizing it.

In this book, we have compiled an overall picture of Japanese taxes and tax-saving tricks that individuals can do, as gently and clearly as possible, for those who know nothing about taxes.

It is the world's easiest-to-understand textbook on “taxes”, an essential subject for living wisely as a member of society.
Chapter 1: The Very Essentials of ●Tax Reduction for Everyone
●Difference between tax saving and tax evasion
What is the "1,030,000 yen wall"?
Life insurance reduces taxes.
You should pay tax at hometown after all.
If you buy your own home, you can use the mortgage deduction. ...... and others.

Chapter 2: Tax-Saving Tips for Company Employees
●What are year-end adjustments made?
●Cases in which company employees should file tax returns
●Be careful about the timing of withholding of inhabitant tax
●Income tax when you retire
●Overtime work from April to June is a loss. ...... and others

Chapter 3: Tax-saving tips for "earning money through business and side jobs"
●What is the difference between "income" and " earnings"?
●Blue and white tax reporting
●How to do a side hobby
●When should you incorporate your side business?
●The scary penalty for failing to report a tax return: ......, and others.

Chapter 4: Tax-saving tips for "earning through asset management"
●Taxes when you make a profit from investment
●If you lose money on stocks, definitely report the loss on your income tax return
●Surprising disadvantages of NISA
●Tax structure of gold, silver, platinum, cryptocurrencies, and FX
●Tax structure of lotteries and gambling: ......, and others.

Chapter 5: Tax-saving tips for your home and car
●All the taxes involved in buying a home
●How to make a loan wisely as a couple
●How to sell your home
●How to buy a car on April 2.
●Taxes on resale on flea market sites: ......, and others.

Chapter 6: Tax-saving tips for "gifts" of money between family members
●If the annual gift is less than ¥1,100,000, no tax will be imposed.
●Only married couples who have been married for 20 years or more can use this method.
●Tax-exempt assistance for the purchase of a home
●How to exempt living expenses and educational expenses from taxation
●How to calculate the assessed value of a gift of land or buildings: ......, and others .

Chapter 7: Trouble-Free Inheritance Tax-Saving Tips
●The tax amount changes depending on how you treat nominal deposits!
●How tower condominiums can save you tax.
●Using life insurance to your advantage can reduce inheritance taxes.
●The amount of tax depends on the number of heirs.
●A few tips for inheriting a house: ......, and others.

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